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Carol Pacey & the Honey Shakers

One of the most rocking, original music bands from Tempe, Arizona, who put their music in your face, with huge vocals, guitars and drums that will get your Honey-Shaking—Guaranteed!

Never a dull moment in the lives of this uniquely tuned group, Carol Pacey & the Honey Shakers and their Upbeat Brand of All-Original Rock & Roll can be found all over the Phoenix metro area, from coffee shops to weekend music concert venues. Lead singer/songwriter, Carol Pacey describes their success in Arizona, "Our music is what music used to be like here in Tempe, when the Refreshments and the Dead Hot Workshop owned this town, albeit with a female up front doing the singing!” And Carol really peels the paint off the walls with her strong and passionate presence in the group.

Their first album, “Yeah Yeah Yeah,” released in 2014, features this bands close-knit connection to their music and to each other, as they heat up the sound waves with fast tempo and kickin’ lyrics. They are spot-on with their fans as Pacey comments, this is “music that fans quickly pick up on our choruses and rhythms, and then sing and dance right along with us.”

"When Carol Pacey & the Honey Shakers released fan favorite "One For Your Heart" as the first single from Eyes On The Prize, I knew it would live up to every bit of the Americana-thrash pop they created on their debut LP Yeah Yeah Yeah two years ago. It's an album steeped in the alt-country sound to be sure, but there's this amazing friendly aggression behind all of Pacey's best songs (as well as guitarist Andy Borunda) that takes you to tempos you would never anticipate. Add to that Pacey's speedy delivery of sharp, cynical lyrical wisdom, and you're just waiting for each song to explode." - Mitchell Hillman, Phoenix New Times, 2016

Andy Borunda, lead guitar

Andy is an Arizona native and has been playing the guitar for over two decades. He is mostly self-taught as after a couple of weeks in guitar class the instructor said, “There’s nothing more I can teach you. Go ahead and learn on your own.” Andy has since developed his sound and technique over the years and cites Jimmy Page, Ace Frehley, and Slash as his main influences on the guitar while also being immensely inspired by bands such as The Beatles, Cheap Trick, and The Replacements. Andy loves playing electrically and acoustically equally and uses Gibson Les Pauls and a Taylor 614CE acoustic for live shows and includes a Fender Telecaster for studio work. At the end of the day, Andy sums it up like this -- “I’m a musical sponge…I just love playing music.”

Ben DeLuca, drums 

Ben is originally an east coast boy hailing from the D.C. area, and as a kid, he loved to make noise, learning to play multiple instruments with a special talent for banging on things. On the advice of such icons as Jim Morrison and Horace Greeley, he headed west, dug the AZ way of life, and never looked back. Ben has an appreciation for many genres and artists, and what he’ll tell you he’s learned from those who have influenced him musically, is that, “Music is a universal language that allows us to express that which we cannot by other means, it is like medicine for the soul.”

Will Gantry, bass

Will lays the low-end foundation for the band on bass guitar. A recent transplant from our nation’s capital, Will is a coast-to-coast man, from playing and recording in bands in Washington, D.C. and throughout the Mid- and Southwestern states on up to Washington state.  As a native of Detroit, Will listened to hard-edged and progressive rock radio as well as his dad’s jazz albums who in his own right an accomplished jazz musician, and at an early age, Will was thrown headlong into Detroit's "Midwest hardcore"/punk scene following his brother's punk band The Sleeves.  



Single release "Oh Heart Where Art Thou" September 21, 2018 on Omnivore Records [available at Omnivore Records


Single release "Dust Devil Spin" May 1, 2017 on Ca-Ho-Nus Records [available at Onus Records]


Single release "Take Your Bad News and Go Away" April 22, 2017 on You Heard Us Back When, Vol 11 [available at Zias]


Full-band LP Eyes on the Prize September 27, 2016 [available everywhere online including CD Baby]


Single release "One for Your Heart" September 13, 2016 [available at Amazon and iTunes]


Single release "State of Affairs" September 7, 2016 on Ca-Ho-Nus Records [available at Onus Records]


Single release "Dust Devil Spin" April 16, 2016 on You Heard Us Back When, Vol 10 [available at Zias]


Single release "Roll My Way" February 4, 2016 on 2016 Music Compilation Ball-A-Palooza [available at Testicular Cancer Awareness



Single release "Epic Love Fail" September 19, 2015 on Sound Explosion compilation by Onus Records [available at Onus Records]


Single release "Rock and Roll Saves" April 18, 2015 on You Heard Us Back When, Vol 9 [available at Zias]


Single release "Epic Love Fail" February 23, 2015 on Ca-Ho-Nus Records [available at Onus Records]


Single release "Rock and Roll Saves" August 23, 2014 [available at CD Baby and iTunes]


Full-band LP Yeah Yeah Yeah April 22, 2014 [available here, at CD BabyBandCampAmazon and iTunes]


Single release "Fool" September 30, 2013 [available at CD Baby and iTunes]


Touring Acts With Whom We've Shared the Stage

Roxy Gunn Project, Midnight Clover (NV), Brian Blush, Witherward, New Schematics (TN), The Ditchrunners (WI), Left Lane Cruiser (IN), Banditos (AL), ClusterPluck (MO), Erica Blinn & the Handsome Machine (OH), Val and the Southern Line, the Paragraphs, Life Leone, A House for Lions, Ryan Dishen, DRAMARAMA (CA), Rosie & the Ramblers, Shane Cooley & the Midnight Girls, Greg Schroeder (TX), Deeper Than The Ocean (NY), the Colton and Zara Band (KS), the Less is More (MI), Greg Rekus (Canada), the Stanleys (Australia)


Touring Performance States, Cities and Venues Performed

  • ARIZONA: Cottonwood – Main Stage, Pillsbury Wine Tasting Room, Rockin B Saloon; Bisbee – Bisbee Grande Saloon, Sidepony Express Music Festival; Jerome – Spirit Room; Kingman – Brews & Brats Oktoberfest; Flagstaff – Coconino County Fair, Flagstaff Brewing Company, Wanderlust Brewing Company, Campus Coffee Bean; Sedona – Sedona International Film Festival, Java Love Café; Prescott – Drunken Lass, Prescott Fine Art & Wine Festival, Brick & Bones, Beckyfest, Prescott Farmers Market; Casa Grande – Pinal County Fair  
  • CALIFORNIA: Burbank – Joe's Great American Bar & Grill 
  • NEVADA: Las Vegas – Thunderbird Hotel and Lounge, Freakin’ Frog


Arizona Main Stage Events Performed

Flannel Ball, Phoenix Film Festival, Phoenix Festival of the Arts, Tempe Music Revival, Scottsdale Arts Festival, Tempe Oktoberfest, Maricopa Community College Empty Bowls Charity, Third Thursdays Hayden Flour Mill, Chandler Block Party, Lost Dutchman Days, Melrose on 7th Avenue Street Fair, Ball-A-Palooza


Arizona Events Performed

Ten Year Anniversary Cornish Pasty, Summer Ends Music Festival, McDowell Mountain Music Festival, Arizona State Fair, Maricopa County Fair, Chandler Ostrich Festival, South by South Roosevelt Music Festival, Glendale Glitter & Glow Block Party, Tempe Oktoberfest, Arizona Dragon Boat Festival, Phoenix Film Festival, International Pop Overthrow Festival, Desperado Film Festival, Phoenix Pride Festival, 3TV Phoenix10K, New Times First Friday at Revolver Records, Second Friday Downtown Mesa inside SunDust Gallery, Proof is in the Pudding at Alice Cooperstown, Sunnyslope Art Walk, Gilbert Art Walk, The Holly Hope Foundation Annual Fundraiser, The Barrow Neurological Institute at Phoenix Children's Hospital Annual Fundraiser, RAW: Natural Born Artist, City of Tempe & ASU Tailgate, 12ks of Christmas, South Mountain Community Relay for Life, Valley Fever, Ales & Artsy, AIDS Walk Phoenix, City of Buckeye Live Music Series, Apache Lake Music Festival, Lost Dutchman Motorcycle Club, Arizona Cancer Village Fun Run


Arizona Acts With Whom We've Shared the Stage

April Anne, Pistoleros, Jane N' the Jungle, Japhy's Descent, Ben Anderson, the Banter, HanGhost Cat Attack, Johnny Lee, Young's Modulus, the Effects, the Senators, Big Finish, the Earps, Ruca, the Lovelost, Cockswain, Action Jets, Zack Phillips, Quarter Inch Crown, Pinner, Tommy Ash Band, DL Marble, the Cole Trains, the Lonesome Wilderness, Mister Lucky, Treasurefruit, 13 to the Gallows, Truckers on Speed, Delta Fifths, Tora, the Glides, the Breakup Society, Sister Lip, the Pleasure Victims, Manic Monkeys, Marc Norman, Nolan McKelvey, Tramps & Thieves, Watch for Rocks, Green Line Operator, Objective Perspective, Jackson Dife', Mr. Eastwood, the Hardways, Psycho Square Dance, Squiddog, Kingfathand, Black Carl, Horizon i, Lee Perreira, Mill's End, Bucket of Witches, ¡Compañeros!, the Woodworks, Instant Hobo, O' Henry, Field Tripp, Shane Hunt, Roll Acosta, the Naked Chollas, Cait Brennan, Tjames/Echolalia, the DanDan Noodles, the Frogstranglers, El West, the Pubes, the Minor Injuries, Random Karma, Exploding Oranges, Hunter Johnson/the Regretting Man, Jeremiah Craig, David & the Guitar, the Upper Strata, Liar's Alibi, Bitch Automatic, Dfactor, DeadFoxx, Crandall, the Torn Speakers, Black Mountain Moonshine, Gregg Myers, Romen Buffalo, Jeff Gonzales, D.G. Scherrer, Gus, The Redemptions, the Bittersweet Way, Casey James Brooks, Mariah DeRaet, Battered Suitcases, Scorpion vs. Tarantula, Andy Warpigs, the Bellwethers, Counterfeit Party, What's Left, Serene Dominic & the Human Torch, Soul Country, American Longspurs, Maximum R&B, Monster May I, Dead Eyes of London, Jim Bachmann, 36 Cents and a Dream, What's Left, Crosby Tyler, Torn at the Seam, Safety Patrol, Labor Party, Day Before Plastics, Ana Log, Kevin Daly's Chicken and Waffles, Fu, Harper & the Moths, Rose Colored Eyes, Jamie Waldron Trio, Black Rabbits, Outlaw Inlaws, Darkness Dear Boy, the Persuaders, the Phosphenes, Please, Why Ask Why, Interstate Heros, Alienbass, Lo-Fi-Hi, Skink, Crossfire Lounge, Grave Danger, Moons, Birds & Monsters, Murphy's Outlaw


Arizona Venues Performed

BLK Live, The Womack, Shady Park, Cooperstown*, C.A.S.A Sunba*, ThirdSpace, The Firehouse Gallery*, The Lostleaf, The Western*, Last Exit Live, Tempe Tavern, Yucca Tap Room, Long Wong's at Apache*, Rockbar, Rogue Bar, Tempe History Museum, Hard Rock Cafe Phoenix, Prankster's Too*, Gluttons*, SanTan Brewing Company, Phoenix Ale Brewery, Time Out Lounge, Desert Eagle Brewing Company, Ice House Tavern*, The Sail Inn*, Hollywood Alley*, Rhythm Room, Wrigley Mansion, Fiddlers Dream, Music on Mill*, SunDust Gallery, Ticoz, Bookman's Mesa, Xtreme Bean, Arizona State University, Montage Art Studio on Mill, Hotel Valley Ho, Desert Ridge Marketplace, Westgate City Center, Tempe Marketplace, SanTan Village, Lawn Gnome Publishing*, the Cutting Board Cafe, Chopper John's, Rips, Pho Cao, AZ Wine Company, Cactus Jacks, PAZ*, Valley Bar, Rebel Lounge, Club Red, Gotham City Comics



Website cover photo by Kelly Sahr. About the Band written by Carol Pacey and edited by Patti Hultstrand.