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Best of the Valley 2018

Case in point... Click on the image below and new tab will open, then scroll down to People, then scroll to Best Band/Musician AND Best Talk Radio Show (my little radio show on Radio Phoenix is also in the running). You can vote every day until June 15. Personally, I like the company we keep in the is contest and it is just right nice to be listed amongst them! You will be asked for your email, gender, age, and zip code, but bonus, you'll be entered into a drawing for some prizes!

Chin Up

I had to stop listening to a new track from the recording studio as I started to write this blog post; the image below is what I wanted to write about and I can't listen to our song as I do. The caption from the linked website, "Palestinian Saber al-Ashkar (29) hurls rocks during clashes with Israeli forces, May 11th, 2018. Photograph: Mahmud Hams/AFP/Getty Images"

I also read that he may have died this day, May 14, 2018, as did more than 50 others with more than 2,000 injured.

Honestly, I do not know enough about anything to comment on anything here, there, or anywhere. I am not a student of the world although I read the news everyday, and if I can, I look deeper into what's reported as to not become a 'fake news' victim. On social media and here on our website, I try to stay away from posting my thoughts about anything as I'd rather not debate with family, friends and strangers, about what I don't know, and what they also probably don't know, as fact or fiction.

I will say that it is very hard to keep my chin up, with every day a new challenge of some sort. I try to rationalize it in my head that today is no different from yesterday and that yesterday is no different than 100, 1,000, or 10,000 yesterdays; as long as somebody has more X than others, or maybe the desire to have more X than others, then there will be fighting, chaos, tragedy, despair, injustice, etc. Applying a 'trickle down' theory, the aforementioned will then contribute to our own personal fighting, chaos, tragedy, despair, injustice, etc.

Maybe I just wanted you to know that I know, or at least read a lot, about what is going on, and when I post about a show my band's playing, a contest we are in, or a new track from the recording studio, it's just my way of trying to keep my chin up. Maybe what we do will help keep your chin up too.

Kick-ass Boots

Yep! Lyrics included so you can get your singing on ASAP!

Narcissism & Entitlement

A friend of our band posted about narcissism and entitlement spreading in the local music scene. Funny thing, this same weekend, we chatted up a new fan to our band that gushed over the music scene here in the valley; we've heard this before from music fans outside the valley too! I wonder how there are such different local, music scene's "school of thoughts" out there, one for bands and one for fans; I'm sure there are some fans in the know, though...

We try to play with everybody when we can, either full band or acoustic duo, but that said, we do have some issues that crop up from time to time. If a band creates, recreates, and creates again a show flier or creates a second FB event page for a show that already has an event page, we ask them to take them down. We've heard from fans that they get confused on who's hosting the show, if it's the same show, etc., and we're here for the fans I believe; one show, one flier, one event page. Seems easy. If a band tags the crap out us with their shows (that do not include us), generally, we remove their tags and/or politely ask them to stop. If a band has stage etiquette issues, we probably won't play with them again. By issues, I mean taking a super late start without any explanation, taking encores when time's tight, slow to get off stage, not connecting with our band (although I can be guilty of this one sometimes when I'm focused on getting on stage), giving us the "stink eye" for whatever is bugging them, and so on. This is where I think some of the "narcissism and entitlement" could be placed, but I'm not sure. I do know that after you've been a band for awhile, you get better at what you do. We did, and so sometimes playing with a new band or a band with the aforementioned issues isn't so attractive versus playing with seasoned, good-spirited bands. That said, we play with newbies fo' sure because we know what that feels like, when somebody who's been around for a while gives you a chance to play with them. It's pretty cool!

Speaking of cools shows, this one is bound to be a good one!!!





Rockbar 2018

I very much shy away from posting only photos of myself...we're a band and I can't rock without them! That said, this was a magnificent shot of how I feel on the inside when you see the same on the outside! Photo by David Majure and captured at the Rockbar Scottsdale when we rocked with Southwest by Midnight and the Black Bottom Lighters!!! #notlosing #redfored

No April Fools

I don't know what that means...just needed a blog post title! HA! April shows are up...mostly acoustic duo shows as our rhythm section has a lot of other things going on this month so April shows at Rockbar Cornish Pasty in Tempe are must see...bonus we're with Southwest by Midnight and Black Bottom Lighters at Rockbar...deets on Pasty tbd!!!

We have a new tune in the works, affectionately title, Kick-ass Boots or K.A.B for's not made it to said rhythm section yet...but maybe this week at practice, and if it works out well, I'll post a practice track... Man, it's a rocker and it WILL stick in your brains...perhaps I should apologize for that now...NOT!!! XOXO

March 2018

Man, do I love March! It's begins a burst of show season here in Phoenix with festivals abound! We have lots of show this month and we are stoked to play!!! Check out our show page and we'll see you out there!!! 


New year, new everything

Well, I thought we'd get a 2017 summary together, but alas...  Just know it was a big year for all of us in the band and we are looking for more in 2018! That said, we have a new bass player starting soon! We had a great run of shows with Dante in the band, and now our new bass player, Will, is ready to go! We'll have a soft debut with him on Feb 17 at Tempe Tavern then for sure turn him loose on Mar 10 at Chopper Johns! Andy and I have been busy rocking the acoustic shows. They are so different from the band shows and bring a lot of attention to the songs, which I like a lot! We are steadily making progress on album 3, tentatively titled Bliss for release in 2018!  Already only 36 days into 2018 and working it!!! XOXO 

PS - sign up for our email list while you're here...we're bringing back the emails!!! Here's the link,

Come on, 2018!

Hey, hey, hey! The end of 2017 is coming to a close and I for one cannot be more exited about that happening. Not that 2017 was bad, but it was busy! And not that that was bad, but...well...I was thinking a new January post would do my explaining of 2017!

We are all done 2017's full band shows and only have two more acoustic shows, unless something pops up! Please come out sometime and we'll sing you a song!

Wow... of us forgot to post in October and I, Carol, most certainly do apologize!!! How'd I miss a whole month?!?! Well, I can say that it was a busy one with day-job stuff, that's for sure. We played a lot of music too, hosting quite a few charity shows. Did you catch our post on FB that the charity events we participated in from Sept though Oct raised around $26K? That's ain't too shabby!  

Well, how about this...a little secret about album make up for not posting in October? The "bones" have been recorded and Andy's working on his parts; drums and bass are done! Whahahahat?!?!?!  I forget how many tracks will be on it and we recorded one that won't be on it...weird, right? It's all good! So hopefully we'll have this rocker out in 2018, happy thoughts!!

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