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Arizona Sound

Well, we made it to Las Vegas, NV, and we did what we do; we rocked hard! We can't thank the Roxy Gunn Project enough for working this show into their schedule. They are busy out there, working hard in the cover band scene, grinding many nights and hours in a row to make a living. Original music shows are a treat for them, something I think we take for granted here in the valley. I was chatting with a few folks from Vegas at that show and another one living here now, and it made me realize that we are quite fortunate to have the number of venues we do here in Phoenix with local music. I was told that music scene in Phoenix is awesome by the folks living in Vegas and I was shocked to hear that one. I know the scene was hot a while ago, but they said it still thank you for that too, venues, and our local band friends and their fans! I also heard that our band has that "Arizona sound." That one I think folks here have mentioned that before and I dig it! Here are some sweet photos by a new fan of our band, Stephen R. Sylvanie, Jr, who is a die hard Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers fan. Thank you, Stephen, and we hope to see you again soon!