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Carol's Chain

So on with the stories about things nobody's asked about in band interviews... At most shows, I sport a chained-up wallet with the wallet tucked into by back left pocket. Truth be told, the little wallet holds our band's business cards and that's it, no money. I don't think these need protected. I just thought it looked cool; rockers sport those chains and I'm a rocker! But the thing is is that I know I'm not cool enough to sport this chained look. Rocker or not, I'm just not. So to offset how it's supposed to be and the fact that I'm not cool, I make it more fun and hang charms on my chain! Some of my charms include two bottle caps, one with our 'bee awesome' and another a very happy bee from our friend, Renee, a metal fish skeleton, a large engraved heart with my aunt's initials and some lovely thoughts that I am guessing were from her mom, my grandmom, and a tiny cowbell from a little bottle of booze Andy gave me at Christmas. I've also lost quite a few including an octopus, a faux diamond goldfish, a world peace piece, and more I can't even remember! So anyway, check it out sometime. I think it's fun and nope, it's not cool at all, and that's alright with me. It just makes me happy. :o) PS - in that pic from our fav photog, Song River of CowGirlZen Entertainment, you can see some of the ones that I lost!!!