Carol Pacey & the Honey Shakers



Sweet Acoustic


Give this a listen! We might do a full show release... 


Add it Up Vid


Because fun. 


March Merch Madness


We need to move some merch so we are going "mad" with a merch sale!!! Limited sizes and quantities!!!



Here's to Life


It was with great anticipation that Andy and I went to see, "Here's to Life," tonight; I arrived in AZ just in time for the Refreshments to end it seemed, Aug 1997. I caught them at three shows, but in what state of life they were in then, I don't know. I loved them, though, and if things were different, I would have been friends with most of their fans this evening as we'd all know each other from Circus Mexicus! It was great to finally hear their story from them as I only picked up pieces along the way, and now I know.

Bands and their music. Isn't it amazing? 

Here's Andy and me in front of their movie poster. You'd think I'd have all the courage in the world to meet this band. I do not. Roger Clyne walked right by me tonight and I was good with that! It's weird. Luckily I met Brian Blush awhile ago, but even that night, it was all I could do to hold back the tears of joy...and now that I am thinking about it, I don't think that I did...

If you love the Refreshments, go see this independent film. Hearts and stars.



If Romance...


B O O M ! ! ! 

Thank you, Jason Robey!!! 


Twofer Weekend


TWO shows this weekend...pick one, pick two, but by golly, be there!!!




Be our valentines!!!!  Our music is free today for YOU as we're sharing LOVE!!!  Yep, BOTH records!!! Today only!!!

Here's the link,




The Roxy Gunn Project


JUST CONFIRMED...  A sweet show with Vegas friends, the Roxy Gunn Project!!!


Rogue Bar


We don't play at the Rogue Bar as much as we would like so it's GREAT that we're featured on their website currently, check it out! Photo credit to Ray Squared Photography.


Blu Lite Radio


Give this podcast a's a sweet mix of tunes from Yeah Yeah Yeah and Eyes on the Prize...