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When I was in kindergarten or so, I found out that I was allergic to cats...I guess the way everyone play with a cat, or a kitten in this instance actually, later rub your eyes and then all kinds of sneezing-running-nose-hell breaks loose.  I was so confused! It was my friends' new kitten and I LOVED it!!!! I played with it and played with it, then rubbed my eyes and they burned like crazy!!! Then the rest started and there you go...  So with that, for the most part, I learned to keep cats at a distance. Turns out though, I am also allergic to dogs, horses, dust, some grasses and plants, and probably the Loch Ness monster if we ever met and I rubbed it's ears! Fast-forward a bunch of years and I meet Andy who has three cats, Cosmo, Butters and Atticus. All three very different personalities and all lovers of Carol-the-allergic-one, although Butters keeps it quite cool, but who will take a good rub down when given. After we all got to know each other, it got to be that all three would come over to me to get their attention. Like I said, Butters has his own way. Atticus loves to drool on me while rubbing his face all over me. He also seems to like to play like a puppy so we get along well. Then there was Cosmo. Cosmo loved to sit on the back of the couch and rub his face in my hair...well, anybody's hair that sat on the couch. I loved and hated it as he would leave behind cat dander that would nail my allergies later if I didn't wash my hair that day or so...  Cosmo would also meet me on the kitchen counter and just meow his head off until I gave him treats, much to Andy's dismay as I may have given them to him more than once a day...  Cosmo LOVED acoustic guitar playing by his dad and I'm certain, my singing, and would often join us when we practiced, sometimes hanging out inside my guitar case. Last year when working on Eyes on the Prize I decided to include Cosmo in the album art, and so like our artist, Michael McCartney said, Cosmo will forever be immortalized there as Cosmo went on to Kitty Heaven this past week. We'll miss him for sure... 


Dust Devil Spin on Onus Records

FREE download of our hit singe, Dust Devil Spin, right here,!!!

Record Store Day 2017

Check it out!!!  Buy the new Zia's disk for a lot of GREAT tracks, including one of ours and your money will go to the pets!! #notlosing


One of us is slacking...SHOW TONIGHT!! Here's the FB page,, and if you don't FB, then we play at the Lost Leaf tonight at 10 pm followed by Austin, TX band, Shane Cooley and the Midnight Girls!

Happy Thoughts

You know, when you get into this music business, you think everybody is going to "get it" and love everything that you do, and....and that's not quite so true. And the bummer about that is that I have lots of things that I want to share with folks, thinking it would happen in interviews about the band or about our albums or whatever, and....that's not quite so how it is going. So with that, I thought once in a while I'd drop a line here in the band blog about something that I would like you to know, that doesn't seem to show up in the interview questions, and well, here goes to my first time.  

Attached to my guitar strap button under the neck is a friendship bracelet. I was gifted it quite a few years ago, maybe 2011 or 2012, by a young lady named, Beth. I met Beth at SunDust Art Gallery when it was on Main St. in Mesa, AZ. SunDust liked that I'd play every Second Friday or whenever it was that I played in support of this night on the town. I played solo for three hours usually and for free. I think I did that for two or three years... I know..., but I learned a lot and I brought in different friends to play with me from time to time. Anyway, back to Beth. She was a young artist with work at the gallery. I'm not sure how old she was, maybe her early 20's, not sure, mostly because she was super ill with some type of disease that really worked over her body and left her quite thin, fragile and weak. But she'd walk in and listen to me every time, and I enjoyed talking with her. And one day she gave me that friendship bracelet. I was really surprised and loved it, tying it into my guitar right there and then. I played there for a while more after that night then gave up my slot to rock a bit more with my new band, the Honey Shakers. Sometime right around then, maybe 2013, Beth died from that disease. This is a card of her original artwork that she gave me as well. I saved it and framed it. Beautiful, right? And now I finally told the story about the friendship bracelet tied to my guitar. Thanks for reading, friends.

Sweet Acoustic

Give this a listen! We might do a full show release... 

Add it Up Vid

Because fun. 

March Merch Madness

We need to move some merch so we are going "mad" with a merch sale!!! Limited sizes and quantities!!!



Here's to Life

It was with great anticipation that Andy and I went to see, "Here's to Life," tonight; I arrived in AZ just in time for the Refreshments to end it seemed, Aug 1997. I caught them at three shows, but in what state of life they were in then, I don't know. I loved them, though, and if things were different, I would have been friends with most of their fans this evening as we'd all know each other from Circus Mexicus! It was great to finally hear their story from them as I only picked up pieces along the way, and now I know.

Bands and their music. Isn't it amazing? 

Here's Andy and me in front of their movie poster. You'd think I'd have all the courage in the world to meet this band. I do not. Roger Clyne walked right by me tonight and I was good with that! It's weird. Luckily I met Brian Blush awhile ago, but even that night, it was all I could do to hold back the tears of joy...and now that I am thinking about it, I don't think that I did...

If you love the Refreshments, go see this independent film. Hearts and stars.


If Romance...

B O O M ! ! ! 

Thank you, Jason Robey!!! 

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