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Twofer Weekend

TWO shows this weekend...pick one, pick two, but by golly, be there!!!


Be our valentines!!!!  Our music is free today for YOU as we're sharing LOVE!!!  Yep, BOTH records!!! Today only!!!

Here's the link,



The Roxy Gunn Project

JUST CONFIRMED...  A sweet show with Vegas friends, the Roxy Gunn Project!!!

Rogue Bar

We don't play at the Rogue Bar as much as we would like so it's GREAT that we're featured on their website currently, check it out! Photo credit to Ray Squared Photography.

Blu Lite Radio

Give this podcast a's a sweet mix of tunes from Yeah Yeah Yeah and Eyes on the Prize...

Radio Phoenix Charts

Quoted... "After just one week of adding more local music to rotation, 6 of our top 10 albums/singles in rotation are from local Phoenix-based artists. Carol - you and your band Carol Pacey & the Honey Shakers had the most played local album on Radio Phoenix last week! Congrats." YES!!!

Listen to our album at Radio Phoenix,!

CPHS 365 2017

That seems like a good code or a password if you need one...  HAPPY NEW YEAR, FRIENDS!!! 

Merry Holidays 2016

With love.

Top 40 Phoenix Albums

YES, we'll take it!!  Thank you, Mitchell Hillman and the Phoenix New Times!!! Here's the line,

Independent Artist Radio

Ms. Windy West rocked our tune, Down in Mexico, on her show last Friday...check it out,

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