Carol Pacey & the Honey Shakers



Sidepony Express Music Festival 2016


Show announcements soon...


Halloween 2016


I think we'll soon be know for having epic shows with good times (and costumes!) like our Halloween party from last year...!!!  We don't have anything planned for this year so go be awesome at other local band shows and have some FUN!!!  MAD Pics in the house!!!


Pharell William


Our friend, Otto D'Agnolo, posted this video the other day. I can only say, "Exactly." Exactly.


State of Affairs Video


We know you want MORE so we gave you MORE!!!


Eyes on the Prize Party


So much more to follow, but let's start here...


Carol and Andy with Dani!!!!


Read All About It!


Lots to read on our Press page...!!!


The Hardways & Rips


So much prepping and planning for Oct 8...BUT we have a fantastic show TONIGHT with our friends, the Hardways at Rips!!!  They take the stage and rock at 9 pm-ish, then we'll be up around 11 pm-ish, both bands two sets-ish!!! Let's do this!!!


One More Day's tonight at midnight or tomorrow, however you roll!



Mitchell Hillman


Our first written press words right here by Mitchell Hillman...LOVE AND GRATEFUL!!!!!

Here's the link...