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Frank Turner with Carol Pacey & the Honey Shakers

Have you ever been hit by a cold that knocks you out flat?  That happened to me last week.  OMGsh, it was a killer and I had to miss Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers and the Frogstranglers at the Chandler Oktoberfest, not to mention cancel our Music on Mill show.  Luckily for the latter, Jacob Tyler Lucas filled in for us at MOM.  I’m feeling a ton better and grateful for every scientist, chemist, etc. who developed the meds I was popping like candy all week.  Now, onward! 

That pesky cold slowed me down from relaying my Frank Turner meeting at the Crescent last week.  I was pretty psyched to see his show, having just found his music after this year's summer Olympics.  His songwriting and performance style really struck me (as awesome!) and I’m now a fan, 100%.  I knew I wanted to buy one of his shirts at the show, so I did, and as I walked out of the merch area, there was Frank, standing right there and speaking to some other fans.  I dug deep for some courage and went up to him when they were finished (I mean, really, he's played Wembley Arena, for crying out loud!).  I told him my name, shook his hand and thanked him for, well, being him and doing what he does.  I guess I asked him to sign my shirt (I don’t recall actually...nerves?) and he did…

I’ll have to buy another one next time, save this one!!!  After he signed my shirt, I gave him one of our band’s business cards!  Where did I manage the brass for THAT one?!?!  Even if he chucked it, I know I did it, but how cool if he kept it!  Maybe Carol Pacey & the Honey Shakers will open (for his openers) next time he is in town promoting his new record…you just never know!   Here are some other photos from the show...



One busy Saturday coming up!


RAWards and CPHS!

We are in the running for RAWards!!!! I know, doesn't every musician, artist, cute baby want you to vote for them for some reason these days? And yes, I know, it's not always fun figuring out why, where or what for... This one is for us to make it through a few voting rounds then have a cool music showcase in Hollywood, CA, which to me, sounds like a good time! And we will be the RAW Phoenix, AZ Musician of the Year!  So thank you in advance from all of us at Carol Pacey & the Honey Shakers for your time and effort, and now on to the how-to'sl....

1. Go to and click REGISTER at the top of the homepage

2. Input a valid email address (you only have to do this once!)

3. Verify the email address by checking your email and confirming it

4. Log-on with your new registation and vote for us, or you might have to select our "market" which is Phoenix, AZ and then select our craft "music"

5. Please do this every day until Oct 15!

PLEASE NOTE: RAW will not spam registered guests. They never sell or abuse anyone's contact information.

Vistors to the site can vote once a day, per craft category, until October 15th.

State Press and MOM

A nice excerpt of my interview about Music on Mill with the State Press...

Carol Pacey started playing at Music on Mill in August 2009. Pacey, 43, didn’t start playing guitar until she was 35 years old. “I didn’t have what it took to play in a venue yet,” she said. Pacey said it’s a great program that allows musicians to find their sound. “I felt like I was getting my chops on the street,” she said. Pacey usually performs solo during Music on Mill, singing and playing acoustic guitar. Sometimes fellow band mates of Carol Pacey & the Honey Shakers join her. “(Music on Mill) is a nice balance between newer and seasoned musicians,” she said.

Full article here...

Nicer picture by Abraham Karam here...

Four big ones!

Happy Anniversary, Musical Adventure!  It’s been about four years now that we've been together with me on guitar and vocals, and you on lead.  Seeing how far we’ve come together is amazing.  And yeah, we're still working on stage heights, but we're getting there!  Here’s to another year, Musical Adventure, better, stronger and more in the direction I see us going!  Here's a photo from our first time together at the Coffee Buzz in Awahtukee...

Thank you family, friends, fans, and band mates for taking this leap of faith with me.  It’s been awesome!!

What doe CPHS sound like?

We chat a lot at practice.  Sometimes about the weather, usually about music.  Last night we chatted about describing our sound.  Isn't that always the question, "Who do you sound like?"  I prefer answering with, "We sound like us," but that doesn't seem to cut it in radio or newspaper interviews.  We all looked around at a lot of other bands and asked our friends to describe what they hear in our music.  So here goes ... our band's sound can best be described as a mix of the Refreshments mixed with Social D and sprinkled with the Old 97s, albeit with female vocals.  And when you look at those three bands, we're really just a fresh version of great things from the 90's!  ;o)

And speaking of great things, I was lucky enough to catch an acoustic show at the Rockbar in Scottsdale the other night...yeah, lucky me! 

Triple Decker

The Rogue in Scottsdale has organized three fundraiser shows for the band, Decker.  I asked if I could participate and it worked out for their third show, so I will be playing Monday night, a rare solo acoustic set.  I can't imagine being psyched for a big show tour then crashing on the road and wind up hurt and losing most of my gear.  I don't know the band Decker, but I can understand big loss and how good it feels when friends, family and strangers rally in support.  If you can't make this show, maybe you can make the show at the Sail Inn, Wednesday, September 12.

Double D's 2012 Charity Event

On Saturday, September 22 from 11 am to 2 pm, you can gnosh on tasties and get your merriment on at Ticoz Resto Bar, listen to some of the finest local music awesomeness with Soulaire, Andy and me with our acoustic duo-ness, and the Sonoran Dogs, and win, win, win excellent raffle prizes at the 2012 Double D's 3-day for the Cure Fundraiser event.  Dana, David, their friends and family go above and beyond to make this a great time for everyone!

RAW video

Check out our new promo vid from our RAW event...


A new CPHS slogan for you

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