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Two shows this week and Vegas review

The Freakin' Frog was great!!!  While admittedly it was lightly attended, this venue is awesome to see and play music which I say every time.  If you are an AZ band, figure out a way to get there, work your promo, and I just about guarantee you'll love it!  And give my best to Howard and Jack!  Extra special thanks to Bonnie and Manny for everything!!!  Nice to meet you, Topher Roza! Bonnie had a great time with your original tunes, humming them all the way home!  ;o)

The SunDust Gallery show was well attended Friday night.  We figure about 300 folks passed through the night.  We debuted a few new the crowd went nuts for Andy's guitar playing.  It's called, "The Honey Shakers."  Yep, every sweet-named band needs it's own song I figured when I wrote it...  And we played, "Walk Away Now," also a new tune and bit more edgy than most of my songs.  Come out to the Xtreme Bean or Darwin's this weekend to catch these songs and more, you'll be glad you did!