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Week in review, Week 3 of 2012

Last week started off in the studio with mixing some more on Bliss and C’mon Say Sorry.  There is still a bit more to do on these first three songs of the new album, but they are coming along.  We are going through a drummer line-up change so we have to postpone recording new tunes.  I know, seems like we just went through a line-up change, but sometimes it comes with the territory.  Patience is one I’ve worked on my entire life, and I tell you, trying to become a musician, writing original material, working with other musicians and venues, well, all are extreme exercises in patience.  Worth it, but man!  If anybody has a drummer in their back pocket, please let me know!   

The Xtreme Bean was awesome Friday night!  Many more patrons without headphones than with, and many stuck around for quite a while with a whole lot more response than we are used to at the Bean.  Thank you, fans, for chatting with us, and definitely thank you for your genero$ity.   We will be back in February! 

Darwin’s Waiting Room Bar and Grill was too cool!  Darwin’s has a small stage and no sound equipment.  Javier just barely squeezed on the drum stage and Mike was hidden behind one of our speakers.  It was all good and we had a great time.  It was very nice meeting Genevieve, Mike Van Loon and the O’Henry Band.  We had to rush-ish off stage so Mike could set up and then we couldn’t stay to check them all out, but I know it was great!  Mad props to Genevieve for her comedy routine; comedy takes nerve and she’s got it!  Thanks, Penny, for taking good care of us!

This week we have two shows on Saturday, one at the Desperado Film Festival in Paradise Valley and the other at the Sail Inn in Tempe.  Both with be acoustic shows sans our drummer, so just one less Honey Shaker, but with all plenty of shake still!!!  See you soon!

I love this photo from Surreal Sister Photography taken at Darwin's...thanks, ladies!