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Big Stir

We are super stoked to join our friends, the Armoires, this weekend at Joe's Great American Bar & Grill to celebrate their new music release!! Straight up from their website...

The Armoires are Christina Bulbenko (vocals, keys), Rex Broome (vocals, guitar), Larysa Bulbenko (viola), Derek Hanna (drums) and Clifford Ulrich (bass, vocals).

Founders and leading lights of Big Stir (the record label, concert series, magazine and more), THE ARMOIRES are also purveyors of their own paisley sound: unique harmonies, chiming guitars and keys, sweeping viola, and songs that are as lyrically unexpected as they are melodic and catchy.
After three years of live work and the behind-the-scenes community building of leaders Bulbenko and Broome, the band has returned as a creative force in 2019 with new releases -- the SIDE THREE EP and their second album ZIBALDONE (due on LP and CD August 2). Both were produced by Steven Wilson of Plasticsoul and feature guest appearances from an impressive cast of the band’s fellow travelers on the global pop scene, but sound like no one else but The Armoires.
So join us as we celebrate with them!!!