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Bliss, Part Dos

Happy May Day!!! Joe, Andy and I have been working hard to bring Bliss to mixing completion, and it sounds ahh-mazing! I'm sure everybody says that about their recordings and I think they should! Of course, others listen and may not feel the same way, and that's okay too. It's audio art and like any other art, it's subjective. We have maybe one more day fine tuning then (hopefully) it will be off to mastering. We were fortunate enough to have Roger Siebel master our previous two records, but Roger fact, we were the very last record on his very last day of work! That said, this record may have a different mastering sound and I'm looking forward to that too! About all of the album art and layout is finished so once we receive the master back, it will be off to the vinyl production facility. That's new too! In the words of our friend, Bill Stimson from the band, the Bellwethers, regarding producing a vinyl album,"...totally financially irresponsible...." I agree and yet, I'm doing it anyway! That said, I know there won't be many copies of it! I can also say that there will be one track on the record that won't be available online for downloading... Otherwise, there will be 10 tracks on the record and there will be lyrics on the insert! BAM!!! Ahhh, it won't be color vinyl, that was a question asked the other day...or at least I don't think so... I hope to have a listening release party this time versus a show release party that we did the past two times. I want to hear the record LOUD so I can feel it...just not sure where to hold such an event... Let me know if you have any ideas! That's the latest on Bliss...stay tuned!