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Bliss, Part Tres

With so many local bands shouting out about new records every day on social, I hope we don't get lost in the shuffle. That said, I'm so stoked for everybody shouting out about their new music; it is not an easy feat!!! And THAT said, we inched closer today to the completion of Bliss...masters are done!!! I still can't do better than a "2019" release date, but I feel better about "sooner than later" today... I will say that this record has a little something for everybody I think...including ballads!!! Wahahhahahaht?!?!?! Yep!!! And I will say that we have a triple fun way of introducing the first single off the record lining up, but I have to keep that under wraps a little longer it seems... So, keep enjoying the cover and stay tuned!!! XOXO - CP