Bliss, An Audio Work of Art

Bliss, an audio work of art by Carol Pacey & the Honey Shakers, turned into a visual work of art by Jimi Giannatti of Pop Narkotic ( and Efrain Becerra of Spec Graphics (

"Bliss is Carol Pacey & the Honey Shakers eagerly awaited and long overdue third album. Following Yeah Yeah Yeah (2014) and Eyes on the Prize (2016) the band themselves have set the bar amazingly high, but the trifecta has been achieved. It's rare that an Americana act rocks harder than most rock'n'roll acts, but that's why CPHS are far from being just any old Americana act. CPHS has cultivated their own sound and invented their own genre: Americana Thrash Pop. It's a winning combination and a loveable mix that keeps you propelled with a down home, hook heavy vibe at a breakneck speed. It's the Honey Shakers indelible art to be sure and they've run with it--they've grown that genre from their own devices and it still stands true with Bliss, just with a little more edge this time around. On the record CPHS are, Andy Borunda on lead guitar, Dante Fiorenza on bass, Ben DeLuca on drums and of course the Desert chanteuse herself Carol Pacey on lead vocals and acoustic guitar, as well as several notable studio guests making this their most accomplished album to date." -- Mitchell Hillman

Carol Pacey & the Honey Shakers is an original Americana thrash pop band from Tempe, Arizona and they put their music in your face with big vocals, guitars and drums so you get your honey shaking guaranteed! #carolpaceyandthehoneyshakers #bliss

YouTube link to Bliss Album Official Video