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Chin Up

I had to stop listening to a new track from the recording studio as I started to write this blog post; the image below is what I wanted to write about and I can't listen to our song as I do. The caption from the linked website, "Palestinian Saber al-Ashkar (29) hurls rocks during clashes with Israeli forces, May 11th, 2018. Photograph: Mahmud Hams/AFP/Getty Images"

I also read that he may have died this day, May 14, 2018, as did more than 50 others with more than 2,000 injured.

Honestly, I do not know enough about anything to comment on anything here, there, or anywhere. I am not a student of the world although I read the news everyday, and if I can, I look deeper into what's reported as to not become a 'fake news' victim. On social media and here on our website, I try to stay away from posting my thoughts about anything as I'd rather not debate with family, friends and strangers, about what I don't know, and what they also probably don't know, as fact or fiction.

I will say that it is very hard to keep my chin up, with every day a new challenge of some sort. I try to rationalize it in my head that today is no different from yesterday and that yesterday is no different than 100, 1,000, or 10,000 yesterdays; as long as somebody has more X than others, or maybe the desire to have more X than others, then there will be fighting, chaos, tragedy, despair, injustice, etc. Applying a 'trickle down' theory, the aforementioned will then contribute to our own personal fighting, chaos, tragedy, despair, injustice, etc.

Maybe I just wanted you to know that I know, or at least read a lot, about what is going on, and when I post about a show my band's playing, a contest we are in, or a new track from the recording studio, it's just my way of trying to keep my chin up. Maybe what we do will help keep your chin up too.