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Good morning, friends!!! Long note of goodness to follow... ;)

Thank you for watching our Dramarama cover video yesterday and thank you for <3 ing their song! Andy suggested we cover it a few years ago and we loved it so much, we put it on our record, Eyes on the Prize. I reached out to John Easdale, lead singer of Dramarama and writer of the song, and he thought us giving it play was very cool and he wished us well on our musical journey!

When I saw Dramarama was coming to town in September, our friends did too and they invited us to the show with them. Somehow I found courage to ask John directly if we could just open the show and share THAT adventure with our friends...and he said YES! A few more emails with BLK Live and poof, my friends, we are OPENING for Dramarama at BLK Live on Saturday, September 15!!!!!

Big shows also mean big support via ticket sales, and that said, we have your General Admission tickets with NO service fees for $20 each; buy from us and save about $10! Email us and we'll get your tickets to you ASAP!

*All sales are final. There are no refunds unless the event is cancelled or postponed. Shows are rain or shine.*

If you would like to buy direct, here is the link:

PS - This is not how it looks online, but I like it better!!!