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Hurricane Harvey

With traveling a lot these past few weekends with the band, I missed things on social media. That said, I thought after Hurricane Harvey hit, the Phoenix locals would be working on something to raise money. I posted a note related to as such and it seemed like nothing had been organized yet where our band could possibly jump on board. And it seemed like folks did want to do something...well, now we are doing something! Almost 40 musical acts reached out to me asking to be a part of whatever I could rally, and I heard from two venues, Valley Bar and Pho Cao, Dani Cutler at KWSS, and Mary Papenhausen at Zia Records. And now we have this Texas-sized fundraiser for the American Red Cross and the SPCA of Texas. I chose both as both are on the ground helping in Houston, but I also know both will help out anywhere in the country as they can and do. Please join us at one or all of the events. We may not be the biggest or most well-known local acts, but we are present and willing to help as we can. Thank you to everyone that stepped up, to those that stepped up, but the dates didn't work out, and thank you to you, friends, in advance, for joining us. The wonderful flier below was created by a local music lover, B Nizz Shoty. We love it!