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Narcissism & Entitlement

A friend of our band posted about narcissism and entitlement spreading in the local music scene. Funny thing, this same weekend, we chatted up a new fan to our band that gushed over the music scene here in the valley; we've heard this before from music fans outside the valley too! I wonder how there are such different local, music scene's "school of thoughts" out there, one for bands and one for fans; I'm sure there are some fans in the know, though...

We try to play with everybody when we can, either full band or acoustic duo, but that said, we do have some issues that crop up from time to time. If a band creates, recreates, and creates again a show flier or creates a second FB event page for a show that already has an event page, we ask them to take them down. We've heard from fans that they get confused on who's hosting the show, if it's the same show, etc., and we're here for the fans I believe; one show, one flier, one event page. Seems easy. If a band tags the crap out us with their shows (that do not include us), generally, we remove their tags and/or politely ask them to stop. If a band has stage etiquette issues, we probably won't play with them again. By issues, I mean taking a super late start without any explanation, taking encores when time's tight, slow to get off stage, not connecting with our band (although I can be guilty of this one sometimes when I'm focused on getting on stage), giving us the "stink eye" for whatever is bugging them, and so on. This is where I think some of the "narcissism and entitlement" could be placed, but I'm not sure. I do know that after you've been a band for awhile, you get better at what you do. We did, and so sometimes playing with a new band or playing with bands with the aforementioned issues isn't so attractive versus playing with seasoned. good-spirited bands. That said, we play with newbies fo' sure because we know what that feels like, when somebody who's been around for a while gives you a chance to play with them. It's pretty cool!

Speaking of cools shows, this one is bound to be a good one!!!