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New year, new everything

Well, I thought we'd get a 2017 summary together, but alas...  Just know it was a big year for all of us in the band and we are looking for more in 2018! That said, we have a new bass player starting soon! We had a great run of shows with Dante in the band, and now our new bass player, Will, is ready to go! We'll have a soft debut with him on Feb 17 at Tempe Tavern then for sure turn him loose on Mar 10 at Chopper Johns! Andy and I have been busy rocking the acoustic shows. They are so different from the band shows and bring a lot of attention to the songs, which I like a lot! We are steadily making progress on album 3, tentatively titled Bliss for release in 2018!  Already only 36 days into 2018 and working it!!! XOXO

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