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...we may be close to making our new members announcement...

Here's a gear photo from the solo days...

Gilbert Art Walk and upcoming weeks

Happy Memorial Day weekend, everybody! We had a show Friday night at the Gilbert Art Walk, which was excellent! Thank you to our new fans and attentive captive audience…the artists!!! The rest of this weekend, we are chillin’ and hopefully grillin’! The next few weeks will be filled with band auditions, practice dates and recording plans. We visited a new recording studio, Flying Blanket, in Mesa last week and met with Bob and Gerald, and it was very cool and I highly recommend it. Drat the day jobs and financial constraints of recording an album or even a track, but said day jobs allow for recording music…vicious cycle... We also love recording at SER Sound Works with Josh and there’s another studio in Awahtukee we are going to check out as well. It’s fantastic to read national recording artists doing EXACTLY the same thing as little ol’ us…recording on their own and releasing as well, so we’re not far off track! ;o) We are kicking around a crowd funding venture at, but to be honest, that’s not my style. Please give me feedback…would any of our fans be interested in funding us? I have to admit that l liked being one of many fans that helped out Roger Clyne last year with some Pay Pal $ help after his tour bus broke down...we all believed that musical ship needed to keep sailing!!

***Carol Pacey & the Honey Shakers stickers are almost here!! To receive one FREE in the mail, send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to us at PO Box 25708, Tempe, AZ 85282. Be sure to include your email address here on this website or directly to***

Surreal Sister photo shoot

A few weeks ago I had a photo shoot with Surreal Sister photography. I highly recommend it, they are awesome! Major thanks to Cyndie Turtoro for wardrobe (how about that hat?) and Erica Konz for makeup and hair. We are working with Surreal Sister and Cyndie on the June 16 show at Phoenix Ice House Tavern. It's going to be EPIC!

MOM Girls Night Out

We had live Channel 3 TV exposure Thursday morning before we played Music on Mill Thursday night!  Everybody Thursday night seemed very happy and enjoyed our music.  Thanks, new fans, for stopping by and giving us a listen!  Here are some photos from the morning...


Tempe Oktoberfest

I was saving this for a late summer surprise for our fans (and fans of great beer and good times!), but I see the cat's out of the bag!!!  We are psyched to play on the Spaten/ Discount Cab Main Stage and we hope that you all can make it out!!!

Coming to a t-shirt near you

We have a lot to catch you with about yesterday, but no time today!!  Until then this logo design coming to a t-shirt and sticker near you soon!  T-shirts will be in B/W on black shirts, stickers will be in color!

Hollywood Alley Acoustic & Fundraiser

This weekend was acoustical magic!  We had an excellent time playing our acoustic set at Hollywood Alley Friday night.  Matt worked the sound super awesome (thanks, Matt!) and Zane kept my friends happy (Thanks, Zane!).  It was a pleasure to share the stage with Sir Shane Hunt!  I met Shane a while ago at a show at the Compound Grill.  We will be sharing the stage again soon in July!  We didn't get to hear them, but we know Cecile Hortensia, the Upper Strata, and Michael Brandon Vela all rocked Hollywood Alley too!

Saturday night Andy and I rocked the Silent Auction Fundraiser for the Barrow Neurological Institute at Phoenix Children's Hospital.  What a beautiful event!!  We were tucked in a corner (our view in first photo) as there were several entertainment acts around the estate and in the courtyard (second photo).  We hope a lot of money was raised!  Mad shout out to Cyndie Turtoro and Surreal SistersSweet photos by Andy Borunda himself!

Hollywood Alley Unplugged May 11

We will see you Friday night!!!

Best fill-in drummer ever

Extra special thanks to Ms. Cyd Manning for helping us out at the Pride Festival this year!  She may be at a few more as we bring in new members.  Also big thanks too to Ms. Judy Brown and Mr. Marco Lopez for their fine, fine photos from the event.

May at the Bean

One of our favorite places to play...

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