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Wow... of us forgot to post in October and I, Carol, most certainly do apologize!!! How'd I miss a whole month?!?! Well, I can say that it was a busy one with day-job stuff, that's for sure. We played a lot of music too, hosting quite a few charity shows. Did you catch our post on FB that the charity events we participated in from Sept though Oct raised around $26K? That's ain't too shabby!  

Well, how about this...a little secret about album make up for not posting in October? The "bones" have been recorded and Andy's working on his parts; drums and bass are done! Whahahahat?!?!?!  I forget how many tracks will be on it and we recorded one that won't be on it...weird, right? It's all good! So hopefully we'll have this rocker out in 2018, happy thoughts!!