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Arizona Monsoon Breakup Song © CA Pacey 

Another day when everything we did didn’t help us get along. 

Another day when everything seemed right to me, but you told me that I was wrong. 

And I thought that we would…

We are Back Part Deux

Unless something else pops up, our first FULL band show is Friday, August 6 at 1227 Taproom in Phoenix. You may know it as Irene's, but with a new beginning, comes a new name, and there it is! The best…


We are *finally* ready to rock as a full band again!!! Yep, I got the official word from everybody in the band at last week's practice, which, by the way, was fabulous!!! We gave Arizona Monsoon Breakup Song a spin…


Fan Club, aka Our Email List

Somehow when we changed website layout or our hosting company and we lost our email sign up. Sadly, we just noticed yesterday, but it's fixed now! And like I do every year, I hereby publicly state that I will do…

Arizona Monsoon Breakup Song

Did you know Andy makes our set lists? And at this time, after basically being off for more than a year, I am soooooo glad that he does because I don't know how I would choose what we play right…



Our first video with us not performing on stage and not a trippy electronic song video from Bliss is on it's way! Andy and I were in his hometown of Yuma, Arizona a few weeks ago to celebrate life with…


More About Wasted Days and Wasted Nights

NEW: Read what Mitchell Hillman wrote about our version of this song on our Press page

For the release of Wasted Days and Wasted Nights, we reached out to Dani Cutler, local scene mom and host of The Dani Cutler…


Andy and I will be rocking our AZcoustic awesomeness from 230-530 pm. Oh happy days!