Random Thoughts

Happy May! I used to live on the East Coast and I guess I clung tightly to, "April showers bring May flowers" as well as "March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb." And over there, weather changes to quickly on the same day that you never knew what was going to happen! That said, by May, it was getting closer to summer and fishing season! Ahhh to be on a boat!  My dad would laugh at it me if I said I'd like to go crabbing right about now even if that meant painting pots first! 

Anyway, thank you for your continued support of our band! We have been putting out social media posts here and there, just letting you know that we are still alive and adapting. Each of us in the band has different things going on in our day-to-day and with the possibility of infecting each other, we are keeping up with our social distancing from each other. 

Currently we have all of our tee shirts and our apron on sale, and that's kinda fun -- thank you for picking those up! I put them on sale so if you ever wanted one, that price might move you along to picking one up now and at the same time, moving some merch out my closet! Win-win!

We also have a Tip Jar on our page, but before you think about tipping us, let me explain. That online jar has been there since we started with this new website, well before any of us had ever heard of Covid-19. At the time, I went back and forth about having it then decided to do it as we play so many underpaid and charity events where fans would like to give us a little something-something without having to buy merch. And truth, it wasn't until today that anybody used it. Though I very much thank the person who used it today, I can't help but feel guilty for receiving it and I hope I can return it. I am lucky enough to still have my day jobs and I can keep the band business afloat! Similarly the lads in the band are doing okay with keeping their day jobs too.

Big Stir Records took us on for another single release which we hope happens at the end of this month! We could submit a song from Bliss, but we had to also submit something totally new and not available anywhere else. So with the help of Switchblade Sound and Vault Mastering, Andy and I recorded an acoustic song and we are excited about it! Happy thoughts the release will go as planned!

Be well, stay well and rock on! I am almost 100% this is a David Majure photo... <3


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