I'm Gone (Stupid Clown)

I'm Gone (Stupid Clown) is one of our favorite BLISS songs and soon to be released in video like the others! Until then, please enjoy its artwork by PopNarkotic!

Summer Glow

Andy and I made it through our four hour AZcoustic awesomeness show last weekend, thanks to our friends, old (because we've known you a long time, ya sillies!), young and new!!!! Luckily Andy, not Andy Borunda, anooooooooother Andy, saw us…

San Tan Village Acoustic Show

Good day, friends! Andy and I accepted an invitation to play an outdoor show at San Tan Village on Sun, Mar 28, from 11am-3pm. Look for a white pop up tent near near Zales (Paseo Dr x San Tan Plaza)…

Let's Play!

We reached out to some venues today and it felt GREAT! Please get vaccinated ASAP so we can rock together like this SOON!


New Song New Sticker

Which is more exciting? Well, the song is cover song and we are almost done mixing it so that's fun! Then we have new little sticker that's clear for the keeping-it-on-the-downlow CPHS folks. Yeah, still don't know which is more…


Done Video Premiere

Wednesday, January 20 at 7 pm

No, it wasn't planned, and yes, it is a timely coincidence.


Lucky You

A little something, something for the new year! See you soon, everybody!!! XOXO - CP

Lucky You © C.A. Pacey 

She clockwise ran her finger around a tall stem’s rim while staring down at her two plush shoes all pink…

Merch Sale

All of our physical music items and t-shirts are on sale NOW on our Store page! Don't forget to add some other goodies!!!


Goodbye, 2020

In 2018, we played 52 shows, and in 2019, we played 55 shows. In 2020, we played eight shows. At this point, I can't imagine that we'll play many more in 2021 then we did in 2020, but who knows…

Taking Tempe on Again

That's right, we've been invited back for a little AZcoustic Awesomeness! If you are interested in joining us, please email us and we'll let you know the deets. That said, we don't have any yet other than Tempe on Fri…