Social Medias

Is it okay to make media into "medias?" It doesn't quite sound right to me... Anywho, we have them all, or at least the main ones, and we try NOT to put the same thing on each site or at…

First Anniversary

Crumb has been in the world one year so then it will be one year since Bliss has been in the world, and we couldn't be happier about both

CPHS YouTube Channel

Not sure if I ever chatted about getting started in the business part of this music business. I was lucky to have the BEST singing coach at one of our local community colleges who also happened to be an accountant…

CPHS on Spotify

Well, we've been on Spotify a long time, but never really took control of our artist's page until TODAY! If you have a Spotify account, please start following us! Ditto on YouTube! And as always, thank you! Be well!

Sometimes You Need a Sticker

Stickers. I love them! We made a new one and it's a hologram! Shop here on our page and receive a FREE download of the song too! Hearts and stars!!!


Somewhere Beautiful Video Premeire

Good Sunday afternoon, everybody! It's that time of year again when we gather to celebrate Andy's birthday, and I thought, since we can't gather together to rock one out, we'd do it this year with a video premiere! Once again…



Hi everyone! Welcome to the home of the Crimes Against Folk podcast on the web! We’ll post show notes here after each show with additional insights, any links we might mention, and extra little things like our photos and possibly…

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