10,000 Maniacs Part Two

How do I even start? How?!?!? I will say that it was almost a year ago this same time that we rocked the opening slot for Dramarama...maybe we can keep this big show rocking up?!?!?!?!?! To our family and friends…

Keep The Greasy Side Down

August and September. Some good days and bad days occurred during these months in previous years. This year seems to be the same. So one of the good days is today when we heard from Ryan B. Clark, "...an Arizona…

Bliss Release at FilmBar

Hey, hey!!! We've made this a free show because they're our favorite kind of shows to have so if you are definitely attending, please note that it is limited seating. The bar should be open and snacks should be available...we'll…

Listening in Wales

We cannot thank Big Stir Records enough for putting our music out there! It has been blast seeing where it is being played! Add to that this happening soon, my mind is blown!!!



Bliss by Mitchell Hillman

Carol Pacey & The Honey Shakers

By Mitchell Hillman 

Bliss is Carol Pacey & The Honey Shakers eagerly awaited and long overdue third album. Following Yeah Yeah Yeah (2014) and Eyes on the Prize (2016) the band themselves have…

Bliss Release

Saturday, September 7

12-2 pm


Phoenix, AZ


10,000 Maniacs

We interrupt our normally scheduled album release to bring you this crazy good news... If you are local, please email for discount tickets!!!


The BIG STIR DIGITAL SINGLES SERIES takes a delightful detour to Arizona and the fertile fields of Americana to feature CAROL PACEY & THE HONEY SHAKERS with a preview of their forthcoming album Bliss! “Crumb” b/w a rollicking cover…

Band friends

I am posting this note here because we have some band friends that do not use social media, rather they visit our website and that is quite wonderful. You hear so much about social media...then it changes to email...then back…

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