Bees Make It. We Shake It!

CPHS on YouTube 

Whew, that was a LOT of clicking and unclicking, and making of thumbnails, but our YouTube page is looking fresh!!!! Videos are organized and awesome! If you've not been there, go to there and enjoy! We even put all three albums on there that you can listen straight through!!! Oh the goodness!!!! Here's the link! While you're there, go ahead and hit subscribe! 


Love Does Video Premiere 

You can watch it on our YouTube channel or on our band's video page (still our YouTube channel), on FB (and still at our YouTube channel), or really where ever! Andy and I will be chatting LIVE so see you somewhere tomorrow night at 9 pm AZ time! Hearts and stars, friends, hearts and stars!

Single Covers 

We don't have any sweet show fliers so we posted our single artwork and photo by Jimi Giannatti of Pop Narkotic. Jimi is sooooooooooo wonderful and talented. Please go check out his work and who all he photographs, and maybe pick up some of his work for youself!

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