Bees Make It. We Shake It!

I'm Gone (Stupid Clown) 

I'm Gone (Stupid Clown) is one of our favorite BLISS songs and soon to be released in video like the others! Until then, please enjoy its artwork by PopNarkotic!

Summer Glow 

Andy and I made it through our four hour AZcoustic awesomeness show last weekend, thanks to our friends, old (because we've known you a long time, ya sillies!), young and new!!!! Luckily Andy, not Andy Borunda, anooooooooother Andy, saw us about pass out from being in the sun for the first time performing in a year and he found us a shade umbrella!!!!! Andy B. and I did manage to catch a few good sun rays though and now we are glowing a bit!

The show felt normal and not normal at the same time, that's for sure. Our location was pure joy - I had kiddos in front whom I LOVE and the beer garden to my right which I also love!!! We were grateful for the adventure and look forward to more! Shout out to Adventurous Stills and OHSO Brewery, and Ben and Will, we bought us a little something, something from each place for band practice!!!

This photo is from our lovely friend, Melissa, and we couldn't be happier to share it with you!


San Tan Village Acoustic Show 

Good day, friends! Andy and I accepted an invitation to play an outdoor show at San Tan Village on Sun, Mar 28, from 11am-3pm. Look for a white pop up tent near near Zales (Paseo Dr x San Tan Plaza) and listen for our AZcoustic awesomeness. See you there then!

Let's Play! 

We reached out to some venues today and it felt GREAT! Please get vaccinated ASAP so we can rock together like this SOON!