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Outtake, Take One 

Andy and I have a live guest spot next Sunday, Aug 16 on Crimes Against Folk, a podcast put on by our friends, Ashley and Ed, from the band, Whitherward. That said, Andy and I needed to practice, and this is one of two "practice" chats that we'll share this week!

CPHS YouTube Channel 

Not sure if I ever chatted about getting started in the business part of this music business. I was lucky to have the BEST singing coach at one of our local community colleges who also happened to be an accountant, and with her support, I started an actual business. I also needed to put the music out there as well, not just with live performances, but online. I had no idea how to get started so I read a lot and did the best that I could understanding what I was reading. Long story short, our YouTube channel just has my name, Carol Pacey; I started as a solo musician and did that from 2008 until 2011 when I met Andy. When I started that channel, I used my business email and solo artist name, and then I think I started a brand account; I don't know...it spiraled out of my understanding quickly. So now, YouTube has consolidated my channels and any other channels related to our music into ONE, OFFICIAL ARTIST CHANNEL and I could not be happier about it! So when you see the musical quarter note next to our name, or next to any musical artist's name, you'll know that you are on their official channel! So however you search for us on YouTube, you should find us!

CPHS on Spotify 

Well, we've been on Spotify a long time, but never really took control of our artist's page until TODAY! If you have a Spotify account, please start following us! Ditto on YouTube! And as always, thank you! Be well!

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