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Twelve Rockin' Days of Christmas

Madness I tell you, madness!!!! XOXO Happy holidays!!! Link:

Big Stir Fourth Wave

We are quite stoked to have our tracks on Big Stir's Fourth Wave!!! Read all about it!!

BIG STIR RECORDS is extraordinarily proud to wrap up its banner year with a very special CD and digital release. BIG STIR SINGLES: THE FOURTH WAVE arrives on Giving Tuesday, December 3 2019. With five dollars from each CD or download being donated to THE ED ASNER FAMILY CENTER and a generous helping of the exciting and often-exclusive pop rock jewels audiences have come to expect from the series, THE FOURTH WAVE sums up the BSR's generous and community-based ethos in grand style while making a difference in the lives of those with special needs and their families. The 25-track compilation will be available as of Giving Tuesday and can be pre-ordered at now!

The first three compilations in the BIG STIR SINGLES series, collecting the label's ongoing weekly releases of A- and B-sides from a celebrated cast of bands and artists worldwide, have received rave reviews from the likes of SHINDIG! MAGAZINE, LOUDER THAN WAR MAGAZINE, THE BIG TAKEOVER MAGAZINE and more. As a collection, THE FOURTH WAVE goes far beyond offering more of the sublime same. Its literal and spiritual centerpiece is a brand new track from LA's JOE NORMAL & THE ANYTOWN'RS, “Even Now”, written especially for the Giving Tuesday event with the Asner Center's mission at its heart. It also boasts the CD and digital debut of the previously vinyl-only SPARKLE*JETS U.K. Big Star/Chris Bell tribute 45 (recorded at Ardent Studios in Memphis and featuring Big Star's Jody Stephens on drums) and celebrates BSR's newly-minted partnership with FUTUREMAN RECORDS by featuring exclusive tracks from the label's flagship artists THE HANGABOUTS (Ann Arbor, Michigan) and THE VAPOUR TRAILS (Aberdeen, Scotland). It's anointed with heartfelt liner notes from pop rock authority CARL CAFARELLI of This Is Rock 'N' Roll Radio and Boppin' (Like the Hip Folks Do) and showcases the artwork of all of the original digital releases.

You'll also find two tracks each by artists from as far afield as Wales (ARMSTRONG, appearing courtesy of our friends at Canada's THE BEAUTIFUL MUSIC label), Minneapolis (THE PERSIAN LEAPS with two sizzling cuts from their brand new album), Illinois (DOLPH CHANEY's first new music in years), and Kansas City (BROKEN ARROWS with a pair of exclusives). Phoenix, Arizona roots-rock favorites CAROL PACEY & THE HONEY SHAKERS also check in with a raucous original backed with a surprise – a cover of The Violent Femmes' “Add It Up”. Like all of the collection's music, they've already received worldwide airplay and independent radio chart placements attesting to their strong hooks and immediate appeal.

Naturally Big Stir's home base of California is amply represented. In addition to the Joe Normal and sparkle*jets U.K. contributions, label mainstays BLAKE JONES & THE TRIKE SHOP (Fresno) are here to demonstrate their mastery of art-infected pop. Two generations of the Los Angeles pop scene are represented by SHPLANG, celebrating 25 years of finely-crafted melodic rock, and the supercharged quintessential power pop of THE REFLECTORS, widely hailed as the great young hope of the genre. Meanwhile, THE WALKER BRIGADE roars back with a brand new A-side and caps the collection with, of all things, an art-punk rendition of a tune from the soundtrack to Blazing Saddles. As the UK's IAN CANTY has remarked of the BSR compilation series, “Something is definitely happening here, something special indeed. A real community of different artists coming together in a true DIY spirit to achieve their mostly noisy, sometimes more serene, but always stylish pop goals.”

Making that something even more special this time around, and thanks to Joe Normal, is the chance for fans to show their support for a worthy cause. Compilation curators Christina Bulbenko and Rex Broome (of THE ARMOIRES and founders of the Big Stir collective) are music teachers by day have seen the uplifting effects of both music and caring education on the special needs children in their care. They're especially honored to be partnering with THE ED ASNER FAMILY CENTER, which offers arts and vocational enrichments and health and wellness programs including counseling services, as a one-stop shop for those with special needs and their families seeking wholeness in all attitudes of life. The Center acts as an oasis of balance and thought, of interaction and education. We're proud to announce that five dollars from the purchase of THE FOURTH WAVE in any format will be donated directly to the Center. Details about the Center's work can be found in the attached press release.

More about Big Stir Records, The Ed Asner Family Center, and Joe Normal can be found at the following links and on most social media platforms under the expected names:

Bliss & Yab Yum

We had a chance to chat with Yab Yum!


"I hear you're in a band?"

"No, I have a band."

I get that a lot. Maybe most bands are not organized by women? I don't know. Either way, yes, I have a band. I was a solo artist for a few years then a few musicians later, along came Andy and the Honey Shakers were born. Andy and I share some duties, but the majority of the responsibility rests on me as I have set this up as a business, dealing with merch sales tax included!

That all said, it is also my problem if we don't get paid as I book the shows and this summer, we finally had our turn at not getting paid by a venue. Luckily it was not a local venue which, in my opinion, kind of makes it worse. It happened this summer when Andy and I were on tour. I would rather not name the venue publicly so if you are a touring musician going through Colorado, email and I will let you know although it's not that hard to figure out... Anyway, we played there once before and expected the same payout the second time. I actually asked for an increase in payout as we didn't eat there the first time and didn't drink much alcohol (free food and booze were part of the package) so a bump in the guarantee would do us better. I didn't get that increase so then I expected the original payout. At this venue, you provide your own sound as well so, musicians, here's how it went: we provided sound, rocked four sets with some happening while it rained, kept their guests happy, all after lugging our gear around the block and up the stairs. We earned our pay.

Here's where I went wrong... I'm old school or something, and when the bartender handed me the check at the end of our night, I didn't look at it. I trusted that it would be the correct amount as it was the last time. When Andy and I got back to the hotel then to dinner, I took the check out and saw that it was $25 short. Now, when you're only getting paid $200 for four hours of work with sound and your are on the road, that $25 is important. I immediately called the venue and the bartender said there was nothing he could do, that I needed to see the owner in the morning. Andy and I were there first thing and did just that. She said they had dealt with a huge tax bill that year due to musicians not claiming their payouts, so from the time we first played their until that second time, they had reduced their duo pay guarantee to $175; their booking agent failed to let me know this info. She then agreed to honor the $200 and used an app on her phone to pay me as she didn't have her checkbook to write another check (or I could come back on Monday; we we are touring musicians and were leaving that day so that wasn't happening). I saw a payment screenshot on her phone so I thought we were good. Then I handed her back the check, second mistake, and we left; I heard her ripping up the check as we walked out. Long story short, we were not paid. I don't know if she canceled the electronic payment or what, but I never received an email confirmation, and nothing ever showed up my PayPal which is what she said she used. She claimed she would contact her bank and send payment once the bank was sorted out. Nope, no payment. I emailed her very positively and politely, still no payment. She asked for our mailing address, and yet, no payment. I finally sent her an email in the context that clearly she was not going to honor her commitment. I contacted the Better Business Bureau, but they were unable to assist. I have one more direction to look into, but I doubt that will help. Lesson learned the hard way and now I know better. I also know that karma will absolutely take care of this situation as well, but I do wish that I could go back, rack up at $200 tab then walk out without paying...what do you think would happen? Hhhmm.... Oh well, enjoy this sweet picture of Andy and we'll see you soon! <3


Empty Bowls 2019

It's not like we would miss it, but we almost did!!! See you tonight!!!

10,000 Maniacs Part Two

How do I even start? How?!?!? I will say that it was almost a year ago this same time that we rocked the opening slot for Dramarama...maybe we can keep this big show rocking up?!?!?!?!?! To our family and friends, YOU made this show for us!!!! I can't even tell you how much it meant to us four that you were there. Really, so good! Thank you for giving us a shot, Lucky Man!!! Crescent Ballroom, you were a delight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And last but not least, 10,000 Maniacs, thank you. I don't know how it goes with local support so thank you for not saying "no." We will see you again, we hope! XOXO 


Bliss Release at FilmBar, 2

Bliss is now out in the world and we are excited! It's available everywhere online for download iTunesApple MusicAmazon, & CD BabyIf you would like a physical copy, then see our Shop page or join us at a live show!

Thank you to our beautiful family and friends who made our release show at FilmBar the absolute best!!! We heart you big time!!!! Photo below by B Nizz!

Keep The Greasy Side Down

August and September. Some good days and bad days occurred during these months in previous years. This year seems to be the same. So one of the good days is today when we heard from Ryan B. Clark, " Arizona enthusiast and native son...," author and so much more. We don't know Ryan very well, but we've seen him around shows and read his work about other local bands, so we are delighted that he took the time to write about Bliss. Here are his thoughts on the songs of Bliss. It does not hurt my feelings at all that somehow Ryan's article includes Bono and Roger Clyne; I'm totally good with that! ;o) One of my favorite parts, "Andy Borunda is one hell of a guitar player.  I have spent zero time talking about him up until now, but it is tracks 3 and 4 where all of a sudden my ear pounds through my meditations on lyrics and says, “Holy shit!  Andy can play!” Yep, he sure can and he's dazzling on Bliss...dazzling!!! Hearts and stars, friends, hearts and stars!


Bliss Release at FilmBar

Hey, hey!!! We've made this a free show because they're our favorite kind of shows to have so if you are definitely attending, please note that it is limited seating. The bar should be open and snacks should be available...we'll confirm and note it here.

The day's plan is to listen to Side A in the theater, have a sweet intermission, then return to the theater for Side B. Joe Asselin of our recording studio, Switchblade Sound (and kickass bassist of Sanitation Squad), will be spinning the record while we present visual goodness on the big screen!

All the fun buttons, stickers, printed materials, tshirts, vinyl records, and CDs will be on hand with Bob the Beard doing his thang for cash sales and then Andy and I will do our best to handle online sales!

The bar will be open for sales - Yes!

Snacks will be available for sale - Yes!

BONUS: there may be special guests in audience ~ Amanda LubkingBob CorritoreDanny Torgersen, and Pop Narkotic!!!!

Many thank you's and much love for our partner show sponsors!!!

Listening in Wales

We cannot thank Big Stir Records enough for putting our music out there! It has been blast seeing where it is being played! Add to that this happening soon, my mind is blown!!!


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