Summer Glow

Andy and I made it through our four hour AZcoustic awesomeness show last weekend, thanks to our friends, old (because we've known you a long time, ya sillies!), young and new!!!! Luckily Andy, not Andy Borunda, anooooooooother Andy, saw us about pass out from being in the sun for the first time performing in a year and he found us a shade umbrella!!!!! Andy B. and I did manage to catch a few good sun rays though and now we are glowing a bit!

The show felt normal and not normal at the same time, that's for sure. Our location was pure joy - I had kiddos in front whom I LOVE and the beer garden to my right which I also love!!! We were grateful for the adventure and look forward to more! Shout out to Adventurous Stills and OHSO Brewery, and Ben and Will, we bought us a little something, something from each place for band practice!!!

This photo is from our lovely friend, Melissa, and we couldn't be happier to share it with you!