Mike Davis

One of the BEST times we've had as a band was opening for Dramarama in 2018 and I say that with a grain of salt because Benno couldn't make that show, but I know he was there in spirit! We had Nate from the Hardways sit in and loved that too!! I think I chatted here one time about the show so I won't go into it again, but it was awesome! Since then, I've kept up with Mike Davis, bass player, from Dramarama, and when we released Bliss last year, I asked him if he would like a copy. That may have blown my mind a bit when he said yes, but then when he posted a picture with him holding it, mind blown, full stop. I wish I could keep track of all of his musical accomplishments like Andy can. I just know I appreciate him a lot and well, he and Dramarama are a freaking kick-ass band and we hope to rejoin them again soon!!!

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