More About Wasted Days and Wasted Nights

NEW: Read what Mitchell Hillman wrote about our version of this song on our Press page

For the release of Wasted Days and Wasted Nights, we reached out to Dani Cutler, local scene mom and host of The Dani Cutler Show on KWSS 93.9 FM. Since our tune leans country, we weren't sure if she would care to spin it, but that's the beauty of her "Local Spotlight" which airs at 9:39 am, Mon-Fri. Our release date of May 7 is one of the first days that she had available so mark your calendars and set the alarm! 

For this song, I wanted to give it away because it is not ours, it belongs to Freddy Fender. I could not get it to all of the listening platforms with an associated a cost, BUT you will always find it on Bandcamp for whatever you would like to pay. Other links for listening can be found on this gem of a site,, at least for a few months as it is a paid site so share it far and wide, and thank you!

What was fun was prepping for our release on Spotify and "pitching" our song to them. Here's what we wrote: With few performances in 2020, we opted for studio time. Andy Borunda, lead guitarist, selected this song because it reminded him fondly of his childhood, growing up in Yuma, AZ and barbequing with his family. Andy's acoustic guitar is skillfully layered throughout the song. As for vocals, we wanted them from the voice of someone who was finding strength in themselves about the kind of love that was acceptable moving onward and upward. We also added call-and-response lyrics to enhance the mood. 

We have another surprise with this song: a video!!!! That's right, a video!!! Look for that release info soon!!!