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The BIG STIR DIGITAL SINGLES SERIES takes a delightful detour to Arizona and the fertile fields of Americana to feature CAROL PACEY & THE HONEY SHAKERS with a preview of their forthcoming album Bliss! “Crumb” b/w a rollicking cover of THE VIOLENT FEMMES' classic “Add It Up” will be released Friday, August 9 and are available for pre-order now!

Phoenix rock journalist Mitchell Hillman lets you know what the band, and the A-Side, are all about:

"It's rare that an Americana act rocks harder than most rock'n'roll acts, but that's why Carol Pacey & The Honey Shakers are far from being just any old Americana act. CPHS has cultivated their own sound and invented their own genre: Americana Thrash Pop. It's a winning combination and a loveable mix that keeps you propelled with a down home, hook heavy vibe at a break neck speed. It's the Honey Shakers' indelible art to be sure. "Crumb" is the latest signature single from CPHS in anticipation of their long overdue third album Bliss due to be released later this year, and yes it rocks incredibly hard--almost knocking the "pop" out of their own equation. It's the tale of a femme fatale feeding a crumb of affection and maybe some adoration to a lover much in need of external validation. It's clearly the protagonist calling the shots here and making use of their lovers every flaw to get exactly what they want or need out of the situation. The setup for the song and the delivery are near works of genius. It's worth noting that the lyrics are entirely gender neutral which may be an Americana first, honestly--this could be sung by a man or a woman without changing a pronoun. I only mention "femme fatale" here because Carol Pacey is one hell of a powerful woman and she works that guile throughout every lyrical moment found here. It's a hell of a preview of the album to come to be sure. "

The band's live act is boisterous, joyous and beguiling, and that's how we fell in love with them, in their native Phoenix and on their forays to Souther California. ANDY BORUNDA's incendiary guitar fireworks complement Carol's vocals to perfection, while BEN DELUCA (drums) and WILL GANTRY (bass) provide the kick that keeps the tunes going. BLISS will see release on CD and vinyl this fall, but for now, these two slices of honey-dripping thrash-pop delight are BIG STIR SINGLES SERIES exclusives!