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Keep The Greasy Side Down

August and September. Some good days and bad days occurred during these months in previous years. This year seems to be the same. So one of the good days is today when we heard from Ryan B. Clark, " Arizona enthusiast and native son...," author and so much more. We don't know Ryan very well, but we've seen him around shows and read his work about other local bands, so we are delighted that he took the time to write about Bliss. Here are his thoughts on the songs of Bliss. It does not hurt my feelings at all that somehow Ryan's article includes Bono and Roger Clyne; I'm totally good with that! ;o) One of my favorite parts, "Andy Borunda is one hell of a guitar player.  I have spent zero time talking about him up until now, but it is tracks 3 and 4 where all of a sudden my ear pounds through my meditations on lyrics and says, “Holy shit!  Andy can play!” Yep, he sure can and he's dazzling on Bliss...dazzling!!! Hearts and stars, friends, hearts and stars!