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Bliss, Part Dos

Happy May Day!!! Joe, Andy and I have been working hard to bring Bliss to mixing completion, and it sounds ahh-mazing! I'm sure everybody says that about their recordings and I think they should! Of course, others listen and may not feel the same way, and that's okay too. It's audio art and like any other art, it's subjective. We have maybe one more day fine tuning then (hopefully) it will be off to mastering. We were fortunate enough to have Roger Siebel master our previous two records, but Roger fact, we were the very last record on his very last day of work! That said, this record may have a different mastering sound and I'm looking forward to that too! About all of the album art and layout is finished so once we receive the master back, it will be off to the vinyl production facility. That's new too! In the words of our friend, Bill Stimson from the band, the Bellwethers, regarding producing a vinyl album,"...totally financially irresponsible...." I agree and yet, I'm doing it anyway! That said, I know there won't be many copies of it! I can also say that there will be one track on the record that won't be available online for downloading... Otherwise, there will be 10 tracks on the record and there will be lyrics on the insert! BAM!!! Ahhh, it won't be color vinyl, that was a question asked the other day...or at least I don't think so... I hope to have a listening release party this time versus a show release party that we did the past two times. I want to hear the record LOUD so I can feel it...just not sure where to hold such an event... Let me know if you have any ideas! That's the latest on Bliss...stay tuned!


I am so excited to share that Andy and I are going on a mini tour to New Mexico and Colorado in May!!!!!! With support from one of our favorite venues, Pho Cao, we are headed out to Santa Fe, NM then up to Boulder, Windsor/Fort Collins, Colorado Springs (tentative), and Durango, CO!!!! We will post shows here ASAP as well on on our FB event page!!! If you live in any of these areas, PLEASE come out to see us, and if you have friends and family in these areas, please let them know that we are AWESOME (ahhhahhaaa!!!) and that we would like them come out to see us too!!! SO.EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


GIVE*AWAY*MONDAY: (which sounds like an excellent song title/idea if anybody needs any inspiration this morning...just throw me some bones after you hit with it! :P )

So this morning I'm cruising east on the I-60, rocking out to our second album, Eyes on the Prize, and I thought maybe, just maybe, there are a few folks that still need this CD of musical awesomeness. SOOOO... If you haven't procured this CD, email us via all the deets of how to get it to you fo' FREE, probs throw in a few surprises too!!! Limit one request and one CD per person, and similarly, since this is a world-wide offer, I have to limit it to some arbitrary total number of requests... If you would like to share us with somebody, we can do that too, just include their deets.




We have a slew of stickers coming available soon and we wanted to share who made them for us!!! You sign up too and we BOTH receive $10 credits. You know we are all about the win-win!!!! XOXO

Custom Stickers, Die Cut Stickers, Bumper Stickers - Sticker Mule 

New Logo Tees, Take 2

We asked and you answered... We have a new colorful logo that we would like to see YOU wearing so we picked out FOUR styles of shirts with access to ALL of the shirt colors offered by our printing company, Acme Prints! We want you to be "you" in your favorite style shirt in your favorite color showing off to the world one of your favorite bands! Win-win-win!!! We will place orders on May 1 and get them to you as soon as we have them from Acme Prints!

  • Presale price: $20 per shirt*, limited style, sizes XS-XL
  • Presale price: $25 per shirt, limited style, sizes 2XL-4XL 
  • Locals: we will see you at any upcoming CPHS show, and we take cash and cards!
  • Online ordering and payment: include shirt style (i.e., Tank, Scoop, Ladies, Adult), size and shirt color on our SHOP page
  • Shipping: $5 for one (1) shirt; if ordering more than one (1) shirt, $5 may not cover mailing; please email us via our website with any questions before ordering!

*We will only order a few extra shirts so this is a very limited, unique edition shirt that you will be loving!!!



Spirit Room June 2019

That's right! Beautiful flier by PopNarkotic.

LOUD VIII Tempe History Museum

Albeit rather chilly and cloudy at first, we heated up what we could until the sun came out for a minute then left, leaving us to rock into the night! It could not have been any better as we had our family and friends with us, and this one in particular stole my heart. Moment captured by Wicked Garden Media.

Sho' Good Times!

Our show the other night with Whiskey Kiss and Brea Burns & the Boleros was magical! We don't get to play bands like these very often as we may be a little "too in your face" with our songs and sound. That said, Whiskey Kiss threw caution to the wind and hired us for this show, and it was a blast! I don't think we've had a audience so fun in a while and it felt good! We brought along our local freelance photographer, Christopher Reed who also works with AZ Culture, to capture our show! That's Mr. Steve Pete on drums filling in for Benno!

New logo tshirt presale

Love our new logo? We do too!!! Dezignz by Soup nailed it for us! And why not something on a white shirt? We thought so too!!! If you're not local and require shipping, add $5 for a total of $25 via PayPal and we'll call it even!!!

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