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Week in review, Week 1 of 2012

How did this first week of 2012 go for you?  I hope awesome!!  My year started off with family, fireworks and food in Mexico, how can that get any more awesome?  New food for this visit, menudo, and it was pretty good although I stayed about from beefy bits.  Everybody there and here is doing well, and I think excited about the new year.

We updated our band website, which is exciting, but we lost a lot of our previous news and blog entries. Oh well, start fresh!! We did not have any shows this week.  I gave a interview to Echo Magazine for our upcoming show at the Desperado Film Festival event.  One of the best questions was related to when I started this musical adventure, like maybe I've been playing and writing since I was a young teen or so...ah, nope....try 35.  That's when I picked up a guitar for the first time.  I started playing shows Oct 2008.  I'll omit the math there... ;o) 

The first song of 2012 is written and it going to the Honey Shakers Monday!  In fact, we'll be trying out many new tunes with the band so I'm excited!!  Andy already worked out guitar parts and it's good!

Here's one of my favorite photos from 2011 taken while we played at the Phoenix Pride Festival.

Have a great week!

Las Vegas show announced

New website under construction

Please pardon our desert dust, the new Carol Pacey and the Honey Shakers website is under construction!  Thank you for your patience.  For more info, please visit any of the following websites...

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