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Bees Make It. We Shake It!

Crimes Against Folk Appearance 

Andy and I chatted up Ashley and Edward with Crimes Against Folk last weekend. You can listen to the podcast here. We did a little video snippet that was aired in the podcast as well and that is this video below...

Social Medias 

Is it okay to make media into "medias?" It doesn't quite sound right to me... Anywho, we have them all, or at least the main ones, and we try NOT to put the same thing on each site or at least try to write different comments if we're sharing shows, vids, pics, etc, so be sure to follow and/or subscribe to them all!!!




And don't forget, we're on Spotify!!!

First Anniversary 

Crumb has been in the world one year so then it will be one year since Bliss has been in the world, and we couldn't be happier about both

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