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“Love Does” definitely diverges from the band’s generally ruckus rock style, but this is the B-side track offers a little something sweet and tender for the real fans who like to dive a little deeper.” - Yab Yum Music & Arts

Yab Yum Music & Arts

Carol and Andy are my friends. I love them as musicians, but I love them more, I love them completely, as people. Why? What have they ever done for me? They have written the words that get stuck, when the time feels like it will never move again. And suddenly…. light shows. Like honey.” - Ryan B. Clark

Ghost Writer Press

"Love does what love does because it doesn’t care what once was" are some of the truest words ever writ, and no matter how many times that sentiment is shared, the truth of it never runs dry. Falling into love, especially when least expected, when you've built wall after wall to protect yourself from romantic harm, is one of those magical experiences in life that redeems the soul. "Love Does" carries that feeling, that vibration in every note, every word. The lyrics aren't complicated, they don't have to be, because this is exactly what love does. ” - Mitchell Hillman

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It's a brave move opening an album with a title like "If Romance Is Dead Then I Want to Be Dead Too"--I mean this would maybe be expected on an Emo record or a Goth platter--but it's a tough sell for upbeat Americana. It verges on a Rockabilly punk freak out that will almost certainly have cross genre appeal to the Gothabilly crowd. It's an unusual start to an album called Bliss, but damn does it get the blood pumping, feet stomping and hips shaking. It's a stunning, explosive beginning and really serves to set this album apart from its predecessors. Hot damn.” - Mitchell Hillman

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The hybrid forms of Power Pop, for example, the sound of Carol Pacey & the Honey Shakers. This band has taken the usual formula and extended it with other genres such as Americana, thrash and blues. ” - Kevin Burke

Eighth Day Magazine

Rock, Thrash, and Country: An Interview with Carol Pacey I first heard of Carol Pacey and the Honey Shakers from Big Stir Singles: The Fourth Wave. "Crumb," their A-Side, is a great original, but their Violent Femme’s cover needs to be heard. I also know Dramarama’s "Anything Anything" well. I’d love to hear a woman sing it.” - Andrea Weiss

All Around Records

Bliss, their third album, reminds me a bit of Neko Case’s debut, The Virginian, but I like it a lot better, as this band’s Americana thrash is much livelier and not trad, and Pacey’s soulful singing is more forthcoming emotionally and lyrically. I also like the way she takes no guff and isn't mournful about it.” - Andrea Weiss

All Around Records

Carol Pacey & The Honey Shakers (Crumb, Add It Up): “Crumb” begins as a alt-country stomper before adding a little punk flavor a la Exene Cervenka. There’s also a hint of Grace Slick in the vocal delivery. “Add It Up” starts with a haunting, processed acapella vocal, with more punk flavor as the band comes in.” - Mike Deangelis

There Once Was A Note

The fourth volume of virtual A- and B-sides is some of the best pop/rock today. Some tracks are more punk rock, some more folk rock, some psychedelic, and some pure pop. All are melodic. Everything is here: good times, like Dolph Chaney's “I’m OK;” bad times in The Vapour Trails' "Drowning As I Fall In;" love in all its forms; and sex, like Carol Pacey & The Honey Shakers' amazing, feminist cover of the Violent Femmes' "Add it Up," which also includes a great gun control message. ” - Andrea Weiss

All Around Records

Now, for the music, this is not a stocking filler, this is simply all killer. Personally it is like a memorable dive into some of my favourite power-pop tracks of the last few months. Kicking off respectively with the Big Star disciples sparkle jets U.K. and their cracking version of “The Ballad Of El Goodo”. This track recorded at Ardent Studios in Memphis with Jody Stephens is accompanied by the ‘B’ side further down the collection “You And Your Sister”. Not only are the original singles issued here, but they are joined by the digital flipside, so almost all acts get a second musical bite of the cherry. The music shifts into the blissful guitar drench of the Broken Arrows and the anthemic “Behind The Eight Ball”. With plenty of nuggets to mine in the punk assault of The Reflectors and the bluesy-Americana of Carol Pacey & The Honey Shakers. ” - Kevin Burke

The Big Takeover

Carol Pacey & the Honey Shakers have long been a staple of the local rock scene. And, with the release of Bliss earlier this year, the band shows no signs of slowing. Pacey and her brood of Honey Shakers have a classic-meets-contemporary rocknroll sound that feels right at home here in Tempe. And, best of all, the band brings an infectious energy to all their live performances which has established them as a fan favorite here in town. Of course, it’s hard to wrangle Carol in her constant moving and honey shaking, but we managed to pin her down (with guitarist Andy Borunda’s help) to talk about Bliss, songwriting, cover songs, and more! ” - Carly Schorman

Yab Yum Music & Arts

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