Bees Make It. We Shake It!


Welcome to our new visitors from around the US and from around the world! We hope you like what you hear and see! And if you found us because of Shazam, that's is sooooooooooo cool!!! PS - we hope to travel around both the US and the world as we can so do keep up with us!!! We have a lot of music to share!!!




Happy Anniversary 

Happy Anniversary! Happy Anniversary! Happy Anniversary! Happy Anniversary! And here's to many more!!!!

It's been a ride with the Honey Shakers, that's for sure! You can celebrate with us every day in a new shirt! Check them ou at our store.

Practice in Patience 

Just when we started to venture out as a band, the virus reared its ugly head again, pushing us back and not necessarily indoors. What shows we have booked, we hope to perform, but we may not. And at the same time, we have a man on the mend and another one out here and there with other obligations so you may see some honorary Honey Shakers at our upcoming shows. Take care of yourselves and please know that the virus can't replicate without us so let's not give it a chance - mask up, socially distance, and/or get vaccinated if you haven't already.

Independent Venue Week 

Here in the US, this week is this week. How many venues did you see close over the past year plus months? We were fortunate here in Phoenix metro that most of the ones that we know and love managed to keep their doors open. But we don't know all of the details of what it took financially so as we are venturing out, as an acoustic duo and (finally) as a band this week, we have been trying to do what we can. Please consider venturing out as you feel more comfortable; Andy and I are vaccinated so we feel a bit more comfortable. That said, we still see folks masking up and doing their best to social distance in venues and that’s totally okay! Trust me, we are listening to the science and hoping things keep improving so we stay comfortable as well. So, we hope to see you out this weekend for our first full band show since, I think, March 2020.


Marquee Me 

Hopefully you keep up with us on the social medias, and by that, I mean FB, because yesterday the Marquee Theatre announced a local show with US ON THE BILL!!!!! I know, right?!? Stuff like that happening always makes me reflect so here goes! 

Here is the very first time I went out on my own ever(!) and played on the streets in Phoenix, November 2008. I used a classical guitar because I hadn't yet found a steel string that didn't hurt my fingers, a mariachi-style strap because there were no strap pins and a very interesting amplifying system to get that guitar to work with my new Street Cube amplifier, and it was all good -- I was on my way!

The show above wasn't my first show though; it was actually my third! My first two shows were student showcases. I remember being over the moon after the first show, but not after the second show. The second show was in October 2008 and my acoustic system wasn't worked out yet so I had to play my teacher's electric guitar. Um, what?!?

I won't go into the details, but on the way home from this electric guitar fiasco show, I decided that was it(!) and I was going to figure out how to do my own thing, hence the Phoenix street show in November. I played on the Phoenix streets a few more times then moved to the Tempe streets and Music on Mill music program. This picture is from April 2009, the first of many shows there, still rocking with the same gear!There have been a lot of shows since then, inside ones too(!), a lot of people(!) and a lot of new gear(!), but I am all good to push forward from this part of the story until right now and ask that if you have been along for the ride, please join us at this show that has been 13 years in the making! Bonus, the Hardways will be there too!!!!!(!!!!!!!)

Please email us for tickets ($16 each with a portion of each ticket going to charity) as great ticket sales also help potentially open the door to us playing the Marquee again, opening for bigger and better shows -- win-win!!!