Bees Make It. We Shake It!

New Bass Man 

Check out our About for info about our new bass player, Reed Fox! He is doing fantastic learning the songs and we're excited to have him join us! More photos from a recent show at Pho Cao on our Photos page, and then here's this cool one from a recent show at the Yucca Tap Room! All taken by Karl Wentzel.

New Music 

NEWS YOU CAN USE: We've been playing a LOT of new music lately at our live shows because we're heading into the studio to record Album Four! That's right, friends, we're heading back into Switchblade Sound in early August to record our next full length album. It's been since 2019 that we put out Bliss, our last full length album. Hopefully, no new pandemic will knock us out and keep us from doing all the good stuff once this next album is ready to release (no release date, friends, as good things take time). On our FB page yesterday, we put out a live video of Lucky You, one of the songs on the next record. Here is another one, Miss My Assets. Both videos are more for listening then viewing, but we love them and we thank Lisa B for taking them!

Eyes on the Prize on Spotify 

If you are a solid CPHS fan, you know that Eyes on the Prize was not on Spotify. Let's call it a “mood” the day I was making streaming decisions back in 2016... Well, after almost two years of negotiating schedules as well as “sonic negotiations” and a few added bits and pieces of sounds, Eyes on the Prize is out there live, remixed, remastered, and ready to rock your summer!!!! Check it out on our Discography page for a few links, but it should be out there wherever there's music streaming!


Yes, we know that we've been a min since posting here! We were keeping folks up to date via email, but we noticed that was not particularly popular amongst those on the list so we stopped that for now. Not sure the best way to use our email list. Personally, it feels a bit odd to only use it when the big things are happening and we need $upport. We were hoping it would be useful to announce weekly shows, but it wasn't. That said, same holds true here for the website. What would you like to see here that you can't see on our social media pages? Send us a note!