Bees Make It. We Shake It!

Good Times 

We have been having a blast rocking the past few weeks, whether it be with the full band, trio or AZcoustic duo! Thank you for everybody who has been joining, either for the first time or the umpteenth time! Maybe we'll see you at this show, one that we are super excited to be a part of! Sure, we're basically busking in the middle of Mill Ave and 5th Street, but with all the good stuff of Tempe Festival of the Arts!!! Love, love, love! Check out all of the entertainment:

How About that Show? 

Right? That was something! To all of you who cheered us on, screamed our songs back at us, danced your butts off, and high-fived us after, we cannot thank you enough! Now on to chasing more dragons! Photos by Neil Schwartz Photography.

Canceled Show 

Bourbon Jacks let us know yesterday that they had a major mix up and they moved one of their bands over from another venue, canceling us for our show there tonight. What a shame as our show had been booked there since August and we know you were ready to turn up and turn out! Oh well, I guess we'll have to see you at the next show then!

Marquee Me Please 

What I envision in my head at every show since my solo show days will happen for realsies! That's right, friends, we are hitting the big stage at Marquee Theater! Now, their stage isn't "the" stage in my head, but rather the size of the stage. Andy and I, and the band too at times, have been cornered on small stages -- shoot, just this weekend at Stumblinas, Andy and I were jammed in the corner against the front door -- but that doesn't mean that we can "feel" the big stage in our hearts when we play, wherever we play! Join us for the adventure of it all!!! Tickets available at our website, but please read the fine, fine print before making your purchase!