We are *finally* ready to rock as a full band again!!! Yep, I got the official word from everybody in the band at last week's practice, which, by the way, was fabulous!!! We gave Arizona Monsoon Breakup Song a spin and it is FUN!!! Andy and I will perform it this weekend, but as you probably, rocking tunes with the full band is a bit different!!! There are other songs that are new to most everybody that we'll debut as we go, but in case you're curious of their titles: Miss My Assets, In Your Face, Lucky You, Kick-ass Boots, TXTU, Wishes, Love Does (with the full band), Love Bug Joy, and Trouble (Material Issue cover). And then, we reworked C'mon Say Sorry and I love it! So we hope to see you soon and we'll share these tunes as well as our classic hits!!!